Coley’s Monday night Yoga class is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body & spirit after a long hard day and to get energized for the rest of the week. Her gentle flowing approach is welcoming to both the beginner and experienced student as she has a way of bringing her new students up to speed and challenging her experienced students simultaneously. Coley is both sensitive to and respectful of each students unique situation. She gently communicates to her students to practice the positions safely and within their own personal comfort level, reminding the class that it’s ok to rest and drink water as needed. She stresses breathing, relaxing and being present in the moment. Coley’s Yoga class is always warm, welcoming and as challenging as an individual chooses to make it. I highly recommend her class as a great place to begin and or continue your Yoga journey.

Joe F.
February 2014

I had the pleasure of taking Coley’s Barre Fitness class at the Continental Ballet Studio. I looked forward to going each week and did not miss one class, since it jump started my Saturday mornings in a big way! She is an excellent teacher, engaged with her students and involved with their progress. Her invigorating routines combined cardio, muscle strengthening and stretching at the barre, as well as on the floor. Her cool downs incorporated Pilates and yoga stretches. I have taken other ballet barre fitness classes in the past, none compared to Coley’s. Because she trained in classical ballet and danced, she has the knowledge and skills required to teach this class. There were so many new routines I had not experienced before. I definitely improved my fitness level and flexibility while taking her classes, and look forward to signing up again soon!

Bunny H.
January 2013

Coley teaches a wonderful class. The movement combinations flowed well – keeping the participants active and flowing smoothly. I love the variety of options provided so that everyone can work at their own level. The numerous options given throughout class – for the arm position in the chair pose, to always shift between plank/kneeling plank, and using child’s pose as a resting position or instead of down dog were helpful. I was very impressed with the way she managed the class working through her back injury, showing what she needed to but using verbal cues to help participants move through the class. Also great job explaining to the class the value of listening to their body and doing what they can do. It was a fantastic class.

August 2013

Nicole is one of the best yoga instructors I have had contact with over the past 10 years. Her commitment to her students is demonstrated in her excellent leadership and practice. She is a student of both yoga and instruction and is able to deliver a class that meets all levels of experience and needs. She is continually learning more about both yoga and class instruction and it shows in her work. She is grounded in traditional yoga practice yet is able to blend in yoga fitness and respond to individual needs. You will be glad you attend one of her workshops or classes.

Todd T.
January 2012

Nicole has been my instructor for yoga for about 2 years now. She is awesome, and very understanding. She is very skilled and knowledgeable about yoga. I enjoy practice with her.

Jack C.
August 2011

As an active athlete I find Coley’s yoga class to be an excellent combination of strength building, flexibility-enhancement, mental focus and relaxation. She does a great job incorporating traditional yoga poses with alternatives and new poses that she researches. I always feel like I am stronger, re-energized and more focused when I leave her class. She also creates a very welcoming and comfortable environment for both new and veteran yoga practices. She offers alternatives for newer students and alternatives for students who want to grow in their practice. Plus she is very genuine in her interest in students, friendly and open to questions and new ideas. It is a combination of fun, energizing, relaxation, growing stronger, building focus and confidence, and mental and physical challenge – all in 60 minutes!

June 2010


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