Dancing, breathing, moving, flowing, running, swimming. Creating opportunities for transformation on the mat, at the barre, and on the road while being present in the moment and mindful of each movement and every step. 

Nicole (Spooner) Zwolinski spent the first part of her life as a dancer. She studied classical ballet and performed professionally. At 25, she hung up her pointe shoes and discovered she needed to find another way to stay in shape. The gym itself was too intimidating, but she soon found her way on the yoga mat. In 2007 she went through Les Mills BodyFlow training and then started studying with YogaFit. She began teaching with the YMCA in the fall of 2007 and has taught at YMCAs in Coon Rapids, Andover, St. Cloud, Edina, Blaisdell, Downtown, New Hope, and Minnetonka. Coley is a Certified Group Fitness instructor through the National Exercise Trainers Association. When barre classes hit the Twin Cities scene she found it a natural transition to add a barre training under her belt. Tickled to expose the intricate and exhausting moves of ballerinas to the general public, she began teaching her own blend of barre at the Continental Ballet Company, Southdale YMCA, and Lions Gym. Currently she is an instructor at the Andover YMCA.


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