When you ignore your body…

Listen to your body, I said as I led my yoga class through some asanas. And stopped. I stumbled out of the pose and to the left, gripping the stereo with my left hand and covering my mouth with my right. I imagined if I could see myself in the mirror my face would have been a sickly shade of green with little cartoon bubbles popping over my head. (What are those little bubbles anyway?) I had been struggling with a bout of nausea since I entered the class.

Earlier that morning, I woke up at 6:00, which would be a normal time for me to start making a pot of coffee and start tidying up the house, paying bills, etc. But instead it was a struggle to take the dog out. My head was spinning. I made it six steps and then down to my knees and crawled a bit until I stood up near the wall, using it for support. After managing to get Cooper outside, I crawled onto the couch with him and fell back asleep for a couple hours. When I awoke the second time, I was still dizzy, but not nearly as bad as before. So I planned to teach yoga. It was a holiday weekend and would be challenging to find a sub on such short notice, plus why put the fitness director under all that last minute stress? I could deal with it.

Two and a half hours later, I was spinning like mad and struggling to keep my dinner down. Thirty-three people in the class. I tried to keep my cool as I transitioned from the mat to wedge myself in a standing position between the speaker and the mirror. I tried to stay calm and guide them verbally, but I had done one forward fold too many and the spinning was speeding up. One member abandoned downward facing dog and approached me to ask if I was ok. I desperately wanted to say yes, but instead I covered my mic and whispered that I thought I was going to throw up. I was only halfway through the class but the rest was a blur. They were going to have someone from the front desk cover and they told me I should go home. I asked for a spot to lay down instead. They sent me to a conference room where I propped myself tightly in the corner, as if the floor and wall would put an end to the whirlpool in my brain.

Once I made it back home, I slept the day away. Today, before I leave work, I will have taken in 88 ounces of water. Surely, dehydration had to be the cause of the spins. What else?


2 thoughts on “When you ignore your body…

  1. Coley that is my worst fear!! Thanks for sharing–I will pay more attention to my body, like I tell others too..:)

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