100 miles in one month

Mason crossed the finish line at the Lake Marion Triathlon with me. Sunday, August 17, 2014.

Mason crossed the finish line at the Lake Marion Triathlon with me. Sunday, August 17, 2014.


Perseverance. Dedication. Focus. Strength. Spirit. Goals. Commitment. This sucks. Triumph. These are just a few words and phrases that randomly raced through my head while logging my mileage for August 2014.
This month, as of today, August 28, I ran 103.26 miles. The Birdtown Run 100 challenge was proposed by Kris Murphy in June. And it was brilliant. One month? I can do that. I will accept that challenge. No problem.
And then I looked over my running records. A typical month was maybe 40 miles of running. Maybe. One hundred miles is a lot. But I committed to it. I knew I couldn’t run long distances every day, so I planned to run some miles in the morning and acquire a bit more mileage at lunch.
It was exciting to watch the numbers grow. It was fun. Till 75. And then it felt… old. But I didn’t give up. I pushed and pushed. Once I got to 90 it was cake. I had it in the bag. And I did it. I DID IT! I also squeezed in my first triathlon other than Annandale. I have avoided all tris except Annandale because their sprint is a manageable .25 mile swim/9 mile bike/2.5 mile run; I tacked the Lake Marion Tri in Lakeville with a .25 mile swim/17 mile bike/3.1 mile run.
I think the most memorable run this month was when I ran through a rainstorm with my neighbor, Jami and her dog, Gus. Thunder and lightning included. Puddles became ponds as we dashed through the ankle deep waters in the dark of 5:15 in the morning. At times the rain drizzled, still pitch black, I was plagued with dodging toads (which Jami claims she didn’t see, but I insisted I couldn’t step on.) When I returned from the run, absolutely soaked, Peter expressed his surprise that we actually did run. He had assumed we were enjoying the storm as spectators, safe, and on the porch with hot mugs of coffee.
Last August I spent my days nursing myself back to health after a back injury. It wasn’t going well; to expedite the process I got an MRI and an epidural so I could do the physical therapy exercises I needed to do in order to strengthen my core and protect my back. I had planned to run the Women’s Rock 10k. It was going to be my first 10k. Eventually I resigned to the fact I was not going to run it. I wear the jacket and the necklace as reminders of the necessity of mindful movement, to be safe with my body, and to remember that even if my body aches, I will be back at it as soon as the pain is gone. Because I have an unbreakable spirit.
After I surpassed the 100 miles today and showered, I got dressed for work and donned the “W” necklace I haven’t worn in a while. Today, I wear it not as a reminder, but as a proud and celebratory memento. Even though I couldn’t rock the 10k last year; I rocked 100 miles this month.


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