My first 5k

“Now that you’ve finished a 5k, you can sign up for a triathlon.” My dad glowed after I had finally caught my breath ten minutes after crossing the finish line. My first 5k time was 31:00 minutes.

And somewhere, deep down inside, an interest wiggled. Ooooo. A triathlon. I neither swam, nor biked, but heck. I ran 3.1 miles. I could do anything.

Even in all the craziness leading up to my first 5k, I was pumped post race. Friday was not what I would call ideal. I imagined it would be an evening of pampering myself. Going home from work early. Lounging on the couch with my cat, Gracie and a glass of wine with a book and hitting the hay before 10:00 pm. The race wasn’t actually until 12:50 pm on Saturday so I envisioned a leisurely breakfast while I decided on my running “outfit” and trying to keep my nerves calm.

Friday at work, a client emailed a bunch of mechanics liens that needed to be filed in various counties in the state of Minnesota before the 120 day filing period was up. And they had like 50 mechanics liens. And the period was up Tuesday. I was at my desk till midnight working. I fell asleep in my chair and woke up at 2:00 am. I drove home and slept for a couple hours and returned to the office with bagels, coffee, and dressed for my race. Like I said, not ideal for a first race. And I know, it was only a 5k, but hey! That was totally a big deal to me.

The race was the Anoka Gray Ghost run. It starts at 12:50 pm and at 1:00 pm a parade with clowns, bands, fire trucks, princesses, and other follows the runners down main street. Many of the runners wore costumes. I told everyone I would dress as a runner for my first race. It was late October but it was nice enough to wear shorts. Bright red shorts with a red ribbon in my hair.

I am not sure who was happier. Me. Or my dad. I was his first kid to run a race with him. And definitely the one he least expected to. Of course, after that, I had to sign up for a triathlon…


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