Unbreakable Spirit

“I like your spirit, kid.” Said the doctor at the University of Minnesota’s Sports Medicine Institute. He had just told me that I should quit running. My response was no, I just started running. I had been toying with the idea of running since the spring of 2006. I would walk for an hour and try jogging for short distances. Eventually I decided I would train for a 5k and after my knee started bothering me I visited Dr. Quit-Running (I don’t remember his name.)

I imagine I stared at him with those big Precious Moments-character-eyes radiating shock and oozing devestation, my lip probably trembling. With his response and tone, it felt like I should be in a detective office. You know, the ones with Private Eye in black lettering on the door and the foggy glass windows distorting the shadows in the office? Dr. Quit-Running smoking a pipe or a cigar, ash tumbling to the ground and his feet up on his desk. “I like your spirit, kid. No more than 3 miles though. If you insist on running, stick with that distance.”

That summer, I kept running and did my first 5k in the fall of 2006. I took into account what Dr. Quit-Running said about my foot and made sure I was conciously stepping on the ground; finding the proper placement. And I also started seeing chiropractors, but that is another story.

While I have to be mindful about what I do to stay fit, I am reminded that though my body may break, my spirit will not. And with my unbreakable spirit, I will do everything in my power to stay strong, to be mindful about my moves, and to not look at my weaknesses* (bulging disc, weak ankles, knee) as limitations, but more as a fork in the road. I am going to get there, but I am going to take a different path.

*Maybe they are not weaknesses – maybe they are flaws in my skeletal design? Not my fault, but I am not going to let it stop me.


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