Mindful fitness – Being Present

Being present is a challenging task. We are surrounded by so much distraction that being present in the moment is nearly impossible.

Artful, Mindful Movement is name I chose to represent what I find to be key in my fitness journey. And I think others could benefit from it as well. I am skipping straight to the Mindful portion of the name, because I think it is the most important one of all.

Too many times I have found myself in fitness classes watching people struggle to keep up – trying to perform the moves without proper technique. The fast paced high intensity interval training is great when you know what you are doing, but what if you don’t? Maybe you do know the moves, but the class is going so fast that your mind is not on your form, but on what is next – worrying about being left behind.

Another pet peeve of mine is being in class and hearing the instructor advise people to let their mind go somewhere else during a particularly demanding move. Be mindful. Notice how your body feels, learn your body’s limitations so that as you build strength you will be able to recognize when you can push yourself further. You are only going to do the move maybe what, two minutes, if that and then you are done?

So much of our days are spent with our mind not present with our physical selves – I invite you to take the challenge and be present. Take your time in class to find the proper form. If you don’t know it, ask your teacher. There is no shame in that. It is your body, you need to protect it. Being mindful is a great tool to stay connected to your body, to comprehend your fitness journey, and to learn to minimize distraction. If you can tackle being mindful during your workout session, think of where else you can find benefits from being mindful.


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